IDMC provides high quality cut and screenprint decals to meet your restenciling and repair needs.   Whether you are changing the reporting marks, load limits or updating your Tank Car Qualification decals IDMC can assist.  We provide every decal that goes on your railcar including but not limited to:

  • imageConsolidated
  • Load limit/Light Weight
  • Extreme Width and Height
  • Brake Decals
  • Tank Car Qualification
  • Warning decals
  • Comp Shoe Decals
  • Cu Ft
  • Instructional Decals:  Clean Inside Grooves, Do Not Open, Close Hopper  for example


We also provide AAR/FRA approve AEI tags made by Transcore.   Both Standard and HI –Temp tags are available to you blank/ready to program or pre-programmed and ready to put on the railcar.  As well, we are happy to inventory your used AEI tags and program them as you need them – just ask us about our Used Tag Program the next time you contact us!

Decal/AEI Tag PDF Downloads

AT5118 Tag
AT5133 Tag