Rail operations can be a daunting task that requires not only staff but a considerable amount of time and effort to manage.

With more than twenty (20) years of experience in the railroad industry directly working in operations, IDMC can track your equipment, provide UMLER and OT5 services, shop your railcars to make sure they make their way back home as quickly and efficiently as possible. Additionally, let IDMC manage the rate negotiations of your empty car moves and audit your freight bills – it’s one less thing you will have to do and we can save you money!

Buying and selling equipment is the name of the game in railroading. But, what happens when you need to add new reporting marks to your equipment? Let IDMC manage that process for you. For one simple fee that includes labor, travel time, decals, AEI tags, shipping, and administrative costs, IDMC can handle the entire process and keep you updated as cars are restenciled and AEI tags are reprogrammed.

Seamless reporting and continual updates will make IDMC seem like part of your company. Contact Us for more information.